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As a children’s dentist, Meadows Gate Dental provides services and procedures for your child’s dental health.  What is pediatric dentistry?  A pediatric dentist works with children; often as part of a family dentist practice. We enjoy working with children and families and encourage you to contact us for an appointment.

Taking care of your child’s teeth means we need to take some specific actions: fluoride, dental sealant, diet, and the impact of sugar are some of those actions:


Fluorine, a natural element in the fluoride compound, is effective in minimizing childhood cavities and tooth decay.  Fluoride is an ingredient in many brands of toothpaste, oral gel, and mouthwash, and can be found as an additive in most community water supplies.  Overuse of fluoride can result in fluorosis. As your pediatric dentist we are able to monitor fluoride levels, and check that your children are receiving the right amount.

Fluoride helps to minimize mineral loss from tooth enamel and promotes re-mineralization of tooth enamel. Fluoride protects tooth enamel from acid attacks from food and drink and reduces the risk of childhood tooth decay.

Dental Sealant

Dental sealant for your child: this is a preventative option for your child (usually after the age of six) and the benefits and risks will be fully discussed with you before you make any decisions on your child’s behalf.


If your child is generally healthy and eating a good, well-balanced diet, he or she will likely have healthier gums and teeth. A healthy diet provides your children with the nutrients to grow and to develop healthy gum tissue, strong bones and teeth, and protect from disease and illness.

 The Impact of Sugar

In addition to candy and chocolate, many fruit snacks are also full of sugar; which attracts oral bacteria that grow on the food debris left on, or around, the teeth.  These bacteria often produce enamel-attacking acids.  When tooth enamel is attacked by acids, the enamel may erode and even attack the gums and the jaw bone which, in turn, may result in childhood periodontal disease.

Fight tooth decay with regular checkups and cleaning at our pediatric dentistry clinic.  Parents also need to ensure that children have a healthy, reduced sugar diet as part of their at-home care. For snacks, consider vegetables such as celery, carrot sticks, and plain unsweetened yoghurt.

As a pediatric dentist, we strongly recommend that you eliminate sweet and/or carbonated drinks from your child’s diet – they are not providing any nutritional value – offer water or milk instead.  Also avoid ‘sticky foods’ such as fruit leathers.  Sticky foods are hard to remove from the teeth and bacteria from the food may have a negative dental health impact.

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As a Children’s Dentist we are committed to providing procedures that are focused on children; we are a full service family dentist clinic.  Meadows Gate Dental is located close to the Tri-Cities area and we offer services to patients in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Haney and Pitt Meadows.


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