Orthodontic Braces for Children

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Considering braces for children? Many children do not want braces – they are self-conscious about their looks; they don’t want to look different than their friends; and they are concerned about whether braces will hurt and/or be uncomfortable. Yet the best results for orthodontics for children come during the early formative years.

Children want ‘perfect’ (or at least straight) teeth but they don’t like necessarily want to have apparatus in their mouth.

However, over the past couple of years, braces have almost become ornamental with a number of high profile celebrity singers and actors wearing braces that ‘shine’.  Children and adolescents can look at some of their favorite stars and see how braces can look like another accessory, rather than an unpleasant dental appliance.

Braces for kids are more attractive now that they have become more of a popular item.  It’s also important for children to understand that the placement of orthodontic braces is not painful, and that the end result will be a beautiful, straight smile.

In young children, some issues may be controlled and/or minimized by early correction techniques, such as a retainer.  After the dental exam, our dentists will consult with families about the need for correction or straightening of the teeth and about the choices of orthodontics for children.  If needed, we will also discuss the different types of braces available and the options for affordable braces.

What Causes Misalignment of Teeth (also known as Crooked Teeth)?

Poorly aligned teeth can cause problems with speaking, biting and chewing.  Most irregularities are genetic or occur as a result of developmental issues, such as large teeth in a small mouth (causing over-crowding).  However, some misaligned teeth in children are the result of:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Thumb or finger sucking
  • Prolonged pacifier use
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Poor nutrition

Children with braces will need additional oral hygiene instruction in how to keep both the teeth and the braces clean.  Our registered dental hygienists are well qualified to ensure that children, and parents, understand what they need to do to maintain good dental health while wearing braces.

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